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The Power Rings will take your training intensity up a gear, helping to develop pull ups and dips and increase your workout options.

The Power Rings are designed to work with the Auster System and easily clip and unclip onto the Patented Dual Carabiner on the Auster anchors. They can also be used as a standalone piece of equipment and individually looped around a bar and fastened using the carabiners.

Straps extend up to 1.5m and are ideal for indoor or gym use.

Each strap is rated to withstand over 550kg of force.

Aerospace grade Aluminium is used for all adjusters, anchors, carabiners and clips.

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The stylish design and high quality materials ensure the Power Rings look good in any setting.


Reassuringly strong and built to last, tested to a weight of 550 kg

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1 review for POWER RINGS

  1. Alexander Bachuwa

    I’m torn between the rings and the bands as my favorite Auster product (though I’m still waiting on the parallettes to arrive). I throw the rings on an incline palm tree, hoist myself up, and do dips while staring out at the ocean. That’s the way to live. Like all Auster products, the quality is top notch. I purchased the mount to drill to my ceiling so I could get the full effect of the workouts.

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