Our premium quality Battlestaff allows you to combine static push/ pull resistance exercises with dynamic moves to build strength, power and cardio fitness, all in one workout.

The Battlestaff is made of aerospace-grade aluminium, making it extremely light and strong. The staff unscrews into 3 pieces and fits neatly inside the backpack.

The Battlestaff comes with two slide-in carabiners to attach the Battleband to both ends, or clip into the hook attachment for rotation exercises.

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The battlestaff can be used as a standalone tool, or one end of the Battleband can be anchored to a high, medium or low anchor point to increase the repertoire of exercises on offer. The battlestaff also comes with a single carabiner anchor allowing you to anchor your battlestaff both indoors and out

What’s in the box


Comes in three pieces which are assembled through screwing the pieces together. Hook anchor to attach Battleband to one end for rotation training, and two slide in carabiners to attach Battleband to both ends for push/pull training.


A 1.8m long dynamic band with ‘heavy’ resistance


Padded straps and made to measure compartments to easily transport your Battlestaff

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for THE BATTLESTAFF

  1. Harry aitken

    This is an amazing piece of kit. Beautifully made and the aluminium staff feels very solid in hand. It packs away neatly into the backpack which is extremely handy, and it has space for my other equipment too. Quality is truly 5* and really fun to train with.

  2. Alexander Bachuwa
    (verified owner)

    I started off buying the Auster Master. Then I added bands. Then my wife wanted her own set. I bought her the Auster Tutor. Then she saw the battlestaff. She wanted those instead of the awesome rings. Like all Auster equipment, it is top quality. The carrying bag is almost as impressive as the battlestaff itself.

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