The Tutor takes suspension training to the next level with the addition of Dynamic Bands. The set combines traditional suspension training exercises with dynamic band moves for a tougher, more intense workout and increased exercise options.
Each power strap is rated to withstand over 550kg of force.

Aerospace grade Aluminium is used for all adjusters, anchors, carabiners and clips.




重い:6.5kg – 23kg

X-Heavy: 9kg – 28kg

Medium Resistance supplied with the Tutor set. If you wish to purchase another resistance we can offer you another set of Dynamic bands of your choice, at the time of purchasing your Auster Tutor at less than a third of the normal recommended retail price.

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The Tutor includes the Power Straps and our patented Dynamic Bands to offer a host of new and exciting exercises. ダイナミックバンドをパワーストラップと組み合わせて、さらに多くのワークアウトオプションを作成できます。 Comes with both the Main Anchor and the Bone Anchor to allow the system to be used inside and out.



メインアンカーを使用して、Austerシステムを屋外に持ち出します。 特許取得済みのデュアルカラビナが含まれているため、パワーストラップ、ダイナミックバンド、パワーリングをAusterシステムにすばやく簡単に取り付けることができます。


ボーンアンカーを使用すると、ドアに簡単に取り付けることで、屋内でAusterシステムを使用できます。 特許取得済みのデュアルカラビナが含まれているため、パワーストラップ、ダイナミックバンド、パワーリングをAusterシステムにすばやく簡単に取り付けることができます。


The Power Straps are designed to work with the Auster System and effortlessly clip and unclip onto the Patented Dual Carabiner on the Auster anchors. Easily adjustable straps and premium grip handles which contain in-built foot straps for feet of all sizes.


特許取得済みのダイナミックバンドを使用して、ワークアウトを進行または後退させます。 The set comes with a set of medium resistance. ダイナミックバンドは、Austerシステムと連動し、Austerアンカーの特許取得済みのデュアルカラビナに簡単にクリップおよびクリップを外すように設計されています。 ダイナミックバンドをパワーストラップと組み合わせて、さらに多くのワークアウトオプションを作成できます。




重い:6.5kg – 23kg

X-Heavy: 9kg – 28kg


AusterSystemをスタイリッシュな黒いメッシュのバックパックで運びます。 内側のジッパーとベルクロポケットが含まれています。

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  1. David S.

    Extremely Impressive. Many fitness equipment manufacturers will tout their product is “of the highest quality made from the XYZ standard materials.” In Auster’s case, that is actually the truth. All of the products in this set are very well designed, and it’s clear that a lot of time and effort was spent on R&D. As an added bonus, mine arrived in the U.S. in under two weeks amidst a global pandemic!

  2. Daniel Ahl

    After going back and forth between Auster and Trx I finally went with Auster. So glad I did. The quality and look are incredible and since I purchased while on sale I got a fantastic deal with super fast shipping. If you’re on the fence go to YouTube and review the vids. What they can’t show you is how well they feel. My best purchase of the year by far.

  3. Tracey R

    This is an excellent piece of kit. The quality of the materials used is superb and therefore reassuringly sturdy. For anyone thinking of investing in a suspension training kit this is the one to go for.

  4. Alison Zachs

    I have recently purchase the Tutor set and the customer service and delivery were brilliant and very helpful.
    I also own a TRX however after getting the Auster I will never be going back. I find the contesting system simple and sturdy, and I love that you can context different straps for different workouts. I find the footstraps easy to access, use and really comfortable, all things that I didn’t like about the TRX. I would recommend Auster to anyone thinking about buying a suspension system.

  5. Alexander Bachuwa

    Some people share exercise equipment with their workout partner. My wife wants to do her thing and I want to do mine, so I purchased this set for her. We each have 3 levels of band resistance and different colors. I attach mine to my palm tree, she attaches her set to her palm tree. What more can I say?

  6. Ben Lewis

    I was torn between Auster and TRX, my trainer convinced me to go with Auster and I’m glad I did! I love things that just work the way they should with minimal fuss and hate it when things just aren’t quite right. What you get with Auster is superb product quality, everything just feels right, tight and super smooth. Strap adjustment is an absolute breeze – ideal mid-workout if you want to superset two different exercises. Sometimes you buy something and just love using it because it is real high quality and a pleasure to use – this is Auster! Customer Services were also very responsive and helpful with a couple of queries I had. 5 stars all the way!!!

  7. Dr. Antony DPT

    Having had this product for over two weeks now i cannot say how delighted I am with it. The quality of the product is beyond what TRX offers and the functionality of the straps and bands is as advertised. Something that I have noticed which makes the ease of use better is how easily the straps adjust, with the trx product I had before I found they locked at times which made it difficult especially switching between movement. In all I cannot say how pleasantly surprised I am with the quality of the product and the service of the company.

  8. Lucie Speciale

    I am so pleased with this product. The kit is very well made and it has transformed my home workouts. The service I received was fantastic, especially via social media.

  9. Calvin Chin

    I just purchased this set in Hong Kong in a promotional event, and I am totally surprised by its jaw-dropping high quality! Feel proud and lucky getting this set and I am ready to play with it anytime.

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